Flash Share App on Tecno Android Phones Lets You Share Apps, Media Over Wifi

One of the preloaded apps on my Tecno M7 is the Flash share app. I didn’t install it on my phone thinking there won’t be anything special about the app not until the day a friend told me to send the photoshake app on my phone to him. Asked him how that’s possible and he told me it is very easy with the in-built Flash share app on my Tecno.

I launched the app, entered a name and a picture for my profile and within few seconds, I was able to share the app with my friend from the flash app screen via a wifi connection. The sharing process doesn’t require Bluetooth nor internet. You can even share apps, files etc by just shaking your phone and can share to multiple devices at the same time. Interesting..huh?

How To Use FlashShare App

==> Download and Launch the FlashShare App. Your friend must also have “Flash app” on his/her phone
==> Set up your profile by entering your username. You can also add a profile photo

Flash app screen

==> Tap “Connect with friends” on the Flash app screen, then “Create connection”
==> Once created,  tell you friend (receiver) to tap, “connect with friend”.  This will let your friend’s app to  search for connections around.  Thereafter, he/she will have to tap “scan to join” on his/her Flash app screen.
==> Once connected, both of you will see your Avatars on your Flash app screens
==> You can then select whatever you want to share and use the slide or shake options to share them with the receiver.

FlashShare app

You will see all the shared files via the “history” tab.

Once you are done, make sure you exit the app or turn off your wiFi, to save battery consumption.

You can download Flash share app here from Google Play. You can also download the Flashshare apk here if you are finding it difficult to download it from Google Play.

Happy Sharing!

Your friend must also have “Flash app” on his/her phone



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