A Phone With 192MP Camera To Arrive Next Month

Digital Chat Station has teased a new phone which is set to have a 192MP image sensor and a Snapdragon 765G (SM7250).

Samsung is reportedly working on a 150MP 1′ sensor, with Xiaomi set to be the first to use it this year. Oppo and Vivo are also expecting the 150MP sensor in 2021.

The Snapdragon 765G ISP is strong enough to support the 192MP camera without the use of any external chips.

The 192MP sensor uses nonapixel binning (9-in-1) like the rumored 150MP sensor it will produce 21MP photos. Alternatively, 16-in-1 binning will bring the resolution back to the classic 12MP. The maker of the sensor may not be Samsung as Sony and OmniVision are preparing to go over 100MP soon.

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