Absolute Vintage Studio App Makes Your Photo Look Like Person from The 1940’s

While using the Christmas iCards app on my iPad 3 today, I noticed the advert of an app I can use to create stunning vintage portrait with funny crazy photomasks on my iPad. I clicked on the ad and installed the app to my iPad. After playing with the app for some minutes, I fell in love with it and decided to share it with you. The app is funny and easy to use and you can play with it for hours without stop!

The amazing vintage portrait creator allows you to create old look vintage photo. You can select your photo or your friend’s photo from the photo library and it will make the photo look like a person from the 1940’s or 1970’s. You can even add several objects like hat, eyeglasses, cigarettes and pipe to your photo while creating your vintage portrait. You can save your vintage portrait to your device and you can send it by email or post it directly to Facebook.

Vintage app

Main Features:

    ==> Choose from 150 different vintage photo masks (75 women and 75 men)
    ==> Choose from 20 different accessories (hat, cigarettes, eyeglasses, pipes and beards)
    ==> Choose from 30 different photo frames

Vintage studio

Download Absolute Vintage Studio Lite For iPad and Android

You can download Absolute Vintage studio for iPad here and you can download Vintage studio for android here.

Absolute Vintage STUDIO is 100% fun with amazing Vintage Graphics, you love it!!

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