Android 9 Pie Available On Nokia 3.1 Plus

HMD has been launching some really great mid-range Nokia Android devices. One such devices is the Nokia 3.1 Plus. The smartphone is available in Nigeria and as of today, it’s got the latest version of Android 9 Pie. Hence, it;s on the list of Nokia phones with Android 9 Pie.

If you’re using a Nokia 3.1 Plus and did not previously have Android 9 Pie, probably running Android 8 Oreo, head into your phone’s settings, navigate to “system > system update“. After searching for available update, you should be able to download the Android 9 Pie update to the smartphone over an unmetered wifi.

If you are getting a “download paused, waiting for wifi” notification while downloading the update, that simply means you are connected to a metered wifi, probably from mobile hotspot of another smartphone. Hence, you should try connecting to an ‘infrastrucure’ wifi network as opposed to the mobile hotspot.

After upgrading your Nokia 3.1 Plus from Android 8 to Android 9, you can check out the Nokia online community for tips and tricks on how to get the nest out of your smartphone.

Benefits of Android 9 Pie for Nokia 3.1 Plus

The Android 9 update for Nokia 3.1 Plus packs new features such as adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, gesture navigation, better AI based battery management, App action, and App slices.

It brings an improved user interface with better security and intuitive navigation. You can use gestures instead of buttons for easier and faster switching between apps. Whether you’re fact-checking, looking up schedules or ordering food, Slices makes it faster to find what you need. It automatically brings the best and most relevant parts of your favorite apps to the surface.

With Android 9 Pie, you will understand more about how you use your Nokia smartphone – see how many notifications you get, plus how much time you spend in apps and how often you check your phone. Easily set daily limits or switch to Do Not Disturb to disconnect any time.

android 9 pie update for nokia 3.1 plus anroid smartphone

App Actions predicts what you’re about to do, so you get to your next task more quickly. Adaptive Battery learns how you like to use your favorite apps and prioritizes them over apps you don’t use as often, improving the battery life. And for ideal screen settings, Android 9 Pie features Adaptive Brightness which learns and automatically adjusts the brightness based you how you like to use it.

Android 9.0 Pie is the 9th iteration of the Android operating system. It is the successor to Android 8.0 Oreo.

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