Apple CarKey May Allow You Unlock Your Car With Your iPhone

Apple has just released the first beta of the iOS 13.4 which seems to have brought with it an exciting new but unannounced feature.

According to 9to5Mac, the beta iOS 13.4 has references to a new “CarKey” API which could possibly let you hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near an NFC-compatible car to use your phone as a key. The key may live in your Wallet app, you may also be able to share the digital car key to someone else to their Apple device using the Wallet app.

A few car-making companies already let customers use their phone as a car key but they may have a few limitations. This is the first iOS 13.4 beta for now and this seems to be the most outstanding feature available. Whether or not this feature will be available in the final version of the iOS 13.4 is not yet certain.

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