Apple Investigates Complaints That Some iPhone X Users Can’t Accept Calls

Some iPhone X users have reported an annoying issue on their handset that makes them incapable of attending phone calls instantly. The issue, which is being reported on Apple’s support forums, specifically emerges when the affected users receive an incoming call on their iPhone X that doesn’t wake up the display although the handset rings to alert the new call. Apple has reportedly confirmed an early investigation into the problem on the basis of user reports.

As first spotted by The Financial Times, there are a growing number of complaints regarding iPhone X’s phone call issue on Apple’s support forums. It appears from the user reports that the problem first surfaced in December and occurs even on some replacement units. “Whenever I receive an incoming call in my iPhone X, ringtone starts but the display comes in after six-eight seconds,” a user explained the issue on the support forums.

One of the users on the support forums additionally mentioned that there is an issue with the proximity sensor of the iPhone X as well. “There is another issue I found with the proximity sensor while in a call. The display doesn’t come back on even when I take away the phone from my ears,” the user states.

Some of the affected users attempted to resolve the issue by restarting their iPhone X, and some even performed the hard reset option. However, the problem still persists. It is unclear whether the delay in displaying the incoming call is a software-side issue or is due to a failed hardware component.

Having said that, Apple in a statement to The Financial Times said that it is “looking into” user reports. The company hasn’t reportedly defined any concrete details on the fix, though.

In the past, the iPhone X had been in the headlines for a couple of awkward issues, including a temporarily unresponsive display in cold weather conditions that was resolved through iOS 11.1.2 update in November. Several iPhone X users in that same month also reported buzzing sound from its earpiece speaker that became largely noticeable at higher volume levels.

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