Can I Download Apps from Google Play on Blackberry 10 Phone (z10, q10, z3, z30) ?

Yesterday, my friend, Joseph was happy to inform me that he has purchased for himself, the infinix hot 2 Android phone. I asked him for his Blackberry z10 and he told me that he sold the z10 to buy the infinix Hot 2.

Asked him why and I was shocked when he told me that he sold it because he couldn’t download apps from google play store on the Blackberry z10. Just Imagine!

By the time I finished explaining to him how to download and use Android apps on Blackberry z10, he felt so stupid for selling his beloved z10 all because of his ignorance. I wonder how many Blackberry 10 users would have done same.


Well, as at the time of publishing this, you CANNOT download apps from Google Play store on your Blackberry 10 phone.

For you to use any Android app listed on Google Play, you have to google for it’s apk file. It is the apk file you will have to download and install on your BB. eg  You can google for “Instagram apk“, “Flash Share apk” etc

There are lots of sites out there that let you search and download apk files of Android apps. eg,,  Just visit those sites in your blackberry browser, search for your android apps and download.

You can also get them from mobile sites like : Mobango and Waphan.

You can also download Snap for Blackberry. Kinda stressful though.

Note: Your BB must be running at least BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 for it to be able to run android apps.

You can also read how you can generate apk file for any android app.

Have fun!

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