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Download PicMix for Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia Asha

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Pic Mix is a mobile application you can use to combine your favorite photos into frames, adjust the photos, add caption and finalize it with touch of fancy EFFECTS! You can also share your PicMixed   image to your friend on Facebook, Twitter, Path (new!) and even set it as your BBM or Twitter profile pictures directly.

Upon loading up PicMix, you are presented with the most popular photos from PicMix users with further options in the menu or Action Bar. Clicking on the “camera” icon will show you the kind of frames you can create. Once you have chosen your frame, added your photos, you can add filters, effects and stickers.

PicMix does have a a wider variety of frames available, split into different categories. They have your standard frames, where you can insert multiple pictures as well as frames for certain occasions. The Magic Frame category even allows you to shake the device to cycle through different frames. You also have the ability to create your own custom frames, where you can change the borders size, edges shape etc.

PicMix is not just a photo editing app but also social based application. You can follow other users and send private messages. The app supports hashtags eg #pet which if added to the photo you share to PicMix community, will increase the chance of your pic been viewed by other users who can “like” or comment on it. The app can also suggest “people you may know” if you connect PicMix to Facebook.

PicMix makes money from users via Mix Credits (MC). With MC, you could buy premium items such as premium frames, filters, and many more. There are also picmix photo contests which might be open for international contestants or sometimes only opened for certain country.

PicMix verifies accounts on an ongoing basis to make it easier for users to find who they’re looking for. So, don’t be surprised if you see a yellow check icon beside name of a picMix user eg a celeb. PicMix team authenticates user as verified manualy and do not accept requests for verification from the general user.

Picmix is available as free download for android, blackberry, windows phone and Nokia asha phones. You can search the stores for the app and you can it from the picmix download page.

You can download picmix for blackberry curve 8520 and other non-BB10 phones as well as on Blackberry 10 phones. You can get free download picmix for android here.

Have fun!

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