How To Use PicMix For Nokia Phones

If you download picmix for Nokia phones, you can start mixing photos on your Nokia Asha and others. The picmix application simply allows you to mix two or more pictures together. There are lots of Picmix frames where you can insert multiple pictures in the mobile app to make .

How To Download Picmix for Nokia Phones

Use the internet browser on your Nokia phone to visit : picmix.it

Once you access the site with the browser, you will be prompted to download picmix application for Nokia.

logo of picmix

So, How Can I Use Picmix Application?

==> Open the app and tap the camera icon and under “Frame categories, select “Standard Frames”.

==> You should see different frames you can select from. Select your desired frame, then add your photos to the frame.

==> Add your effects and when you are through, tap the > icon in the action bar.

==> You will be prompted to login to your Picstory account. Sign in and if you don’t have an account, register and log in.

==> Give it a title and select your “Share” options. “Save to Photo Library” is automatically and cannot be deselected.
picmix app sharing options

==> Tap the “Finish” icon in the action bar.

The photo gets saved to the Photos folder on the device.

That’s all.

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