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Can I Record On Soundcloud for iPhone or iPad?

Soundcloud announced in a blog post that the “record” button was removed from Soundcloud app for iPhone and iPad so as to focus on making the best possible listening experience for users. Ever since then, some Soundcloud users have been asking me how to upload music to Soundcloud from iPhone or iPad.

For those of you who want to record and post audio to SoundCloud from your iPhone, Retronym’s AudioCopy app  for iOS is a great solution.

The app simply lets you make a recording and upload it to your Soundcloud Account.

How To Upload Music To Soundcloud Using Audiocopy App

>> Download Audiocopy app

>> Open the app and tap on “Make a recording”

>> Tap on the big red button and record your music

>>  When you are done, tap on the big red button again and tap on the green icon next to it.

audiocopy soundcloud app for iphone

>>  Tap on the Soundcloud share icon

>> Enter your soundcloud login details and tap on “Connect to Soundcloud”

>> Wait till it uploads completely.

You can sign in to your Soundcloud account to confirm.

That’s all.

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