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Get 30Mins Calls on @MTNNG #GMN2015

Good Morning Nigeria offer is an advertising fundedCSR initiative in partnership with leading brands that allows customers to enjoy free calls in exchange for listening to audio adverts of participating brands.
It allows prepaid customers to enjoy 30 minutes of free calls on the same call each time a 3 minutes straight call is made to an MTN number which is charged at their base tariff.

Customers will listen to a start-of-call Audio message advertising any of the participating brands products/services for ARM, Coca-Cola, Jumia, Leadway, Mansard and Samsung. The audio will be played for a period of 3seconds after initiating the call and will not interfere with the caller tune of a CRBT subscriber. Customer is not charged for listening to the Audio message.

Customers can opt in by texting GMN to 131. Once registered, the customer will enjoy Good morning Nigeria between 5am and 8am daily.

During that period 0 to 3mins of every MTN call will be billed at the customer’s base tariff, thereafter from the 3rd min to 33th min of same call will be zero rated.


Who can Opt In to Good Morning Nigeria? 
A. All MTN Prepaid customers can opt-in to Good Morning Nigeria. Commercial Prepaid customers – MTN Trutalk, MTN Trutalk Plus, MTN iPulse, MTN SmoothTalk plus, MTN Super Saver plus, MTN Zone, and MTN Talk Talk will be able to Opt in for Good Morning Nigeria.

How do I opt-in to Good Morning Nigeria? 
A. Simply dial *123*10# or text GMN to 131

Q. How much will I be charged to Opt In to Good Morning Nigeria? 
A. Opt In to Good Morning Nigeria is free.

Q. Will I be charged an access fee when I subscribe to Good Morning Nigeria? 
A. No, you will not be charged a daily access for subscribing to Good Morning Nigeria.

I am an MTN Postpaid customer, can I Opt In to Good Morning Nigeria? 
A. No, MTN Postpaid customers CANNOT Opt In to Good Morning Nigeria.

Q. What types of calls are eligible for the offer? 
The free call will only apply to stretched on-net calls.
The free call will not apply to off-net calls, international calls, SMS, MMS and GPRS.
The following types of outgoing calls will not be eligible for consideration in computing the applicable charged call (first 3minutes of charged call):
a. Calls to toll free numbers
b. MTN Call Centre calls
c. Happy Hour calls
d. VAS IVR Calls

Q. Are the call minutes cumulative? 
A. The threshold of chargeable outgoing on-net minutes for each call is not cumulative i.e. if a customer makes a 30 seconds on-net call and then makes another 2 min 30 seconds on-net call s/he will not be eligible for the free minutes of on-net calls the next time s/he makes an on-net call unless he fulfils the 3mins call session requirement on same call.

Q. What are the details of the call period? 
All chargeable calls started before 5am will not count to the 3 minutes. It starts counting from 5am.
 All chargeable calls made after 8am will not count; also all free calls will end by 8am and the customer will be charged his normal tariff. Example, if a customer initiates a call by 7:55am, and the call extends till 8am, even though he has earned the mandatory 5mins, if the call stretches beyond 8am, he would be charged his normal rate post 8am.

Q. How do I opt-out to Good Morning Nigeria? 
A. Simply dial *123*11# or text NOGMN to 131

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