See The Worth of Unwanted Electronics Deposited in Recycling

Recycling center in Silicon Valley in the United States is looking for an unknown woman who passed as a garbage unique instance of one of the first personal computers. If found, the price of the computer Apple I is around $ 200 000.


Apple 1 PC photo

As it turned out, the woman spent cleaning the house after her husband’s death and passed several boxes of electronics recycling. The garage was Apple I – this is a unique device that was released in 1976 in the amount of 200 copies. This is one of the first models of the PC, created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Personal computer Apple I once was one of the first such devices sold in assembled form. It was created in 1976 in the garage under Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. There were produced 200 of these computers, to date, only about 50 survived. Jobs and Wozniak sold their computers for 666 dollars 66 cents apiece.

Now recycling center is looking for a woman who has passed a unique device. The company is ready to pay her half of the proceeds from the sale of Apple 1 sum – $ 100,000. You also have the old, unnecessary things? Sell them on the, place your free advertisement and receive calls from real customers.

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