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Glo Comonth BB plan Current Price in Nigeria

According to a post on Punch Nigerian website, the glo comonth 1000 BIS plan has been slashed to N899. Globacom was quoted to have said that the rationale behind the slashing of its BlackBerry tariff is to encourage Nigerians to use data more frequently; a move aimed at liberalising access to the modern tool for social and business networking.

In addition to the drastic tariff drop, there is also considerable increase in the data allowance for both BlackBerry 10 plans and the generic BlackBerry plans.

The Glo Absolute Month plan, which hitherto was N2,800 with 3GB data, now goes for N1,000 with 3GB data. The Glo Absolute Week plan goes for N500 with 700MB and the Comonth and Coweek plans go for N899 and N400 with data allowance of 3GB and 700MB respectively.

What is glo comonth code?

To subscribe to glo comonth on plan on Blackberry, text “comonth” to 777 on your Glo line.

To check the MB balance of your glo comonth plan, text “STATUS” to 777.

Will Glo comonth on Android Work?

glo comonth plan on Android is not working as at the time of publishing this post. To browse with glo on your Android phone, check out the glo data plans for android phones.

If glo comonth blackberry plan is working on your Android, please let me hear from you via comments.

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