Google Applies To Continue To Do Business With Huawei

Reports have it that Google is applying to get a license to enable Huawei use its Mobile Services.

Huawei has not had access to US-related technology since May 2019 including Google’s Mobile Services. Microsoft was exempted so the company can now work with Huawei.

The exemption of Google will permit Google and Huawei to do business together and as a result, Huawei can update its current devices with Google Mobile Services which would include apps and services like the Play Store, Maps, Photos, YouTube and Gmail.

Huawei is working on its alternative Mobile services but it seems not to be a complete substitute for Google Mobile Services. A couple of users have been sideloading Google Services to Huawei devices, but Google has warned against it due to the fact that it opens up a door for potential hackers to create fake Google apps and compromise users’ devices.

More information on the Google-Huawei business will be updated here but for now there’s no confirmation of the exemption.

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