How I Stop Apple PodCasts App Auto-Download of New Episodes

Apple podcasts app background download is enabled by default for new episodes once you subscribe to a podcast using the official Podcasts app for iOS.
So, this simply means if you’re connected to the internet via wiFi and you subscribe to 50 podcasts at a go, all the
new episodes will start downloading automatically. Imagine that!

I didn’t find this funny when I subscribed to some podcasts using my iPad whose wiFi is connected to my glo Blackberry subscription hotspot.  My BIS was almost exhausted before I could know whatsup… 🙁

Good news is that you can turn off Apple PodCasts App Auto-Download for all Podcasts via “Settings” and you can as well do this from the settings of each podcast you subscribe to.

To STOP All Subscribed Podcast channels from auto downloading,

==> Go to “Settings”
==> Tap on Podcasts
==> Tap on “Download Episodes”
==> Select “OFF”

If you prefer to STOP background download for a specific podcast channel,

==> Launch the “Podcasts” app
==> Tap “My Podcasts”
==> Tap the Podcast channel you want to stop from auto-downloading
==> Tap “Settings”
==> Tap on “Download Episodes”
==> Select “OFF”

tuen off podcasts auto download

That’s all.

I hope this helps.

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