How To Find Out How Much RAM Your Android Phone Has

RAM (acronym for random access memory) is the temporary workspace where instructions are executed and data are processed. It is a very important spec to be considered when shopping for smartphones as it determines to some extent, how fast your smartphone will be. Kindly note that RAM is different from internal storage.

How Do I Find Out How Much RAM I Have On My Android Phone?

You can easily find out by using a mobile app eg AnTuTu Benchmark.

Download and Install AnTuTu Benchmark on your Android phone. Open it and tap the “Info” tab. You will see the actual size of the RAM and other specs of your Android phone.

When I was in doubt whether my Infinix Hot 2 x510 is a 2gb ram android phone or 1gb ram android phone, I used the AnTuTu Benchmark v5.7.1 to confirm that it is truly a 2gigs RAM Android One smartphone.

On my Infinix Zero, I was able to check the RAM without the app by going to “Settings”> “All” > “Storage and memory”. Right there, I was able to see the Total RAM memory and the available RAM memory.

I’ve read at some forums too that you can also use “System Info for Android” (aka “Android System info” ) and “Cool Tool – system stats” mobile apps to check how much RAM memory you have on your Android phone.

Kindly note that some phone manufacturers print the size of the RAM memory on the box. So, you can check it there before unboxing……

I hope this tutorial helps.

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