How To Connect HP Compaq Desktop Computer To Wireless Hotspots

Hp compaq desktop computerA friend bought an HP Compaq desktop computer for himself and asked if it is possible to connect it to Wireless networks for internet browsing. I told him it is possible if he can get a USB wireless adapter.

He was able to get the TP-LINK Wireless USB adapter and it worked perfectly for him. Now, he shares his Blackberry internet with his desktop computer via hotspot.

Below is the picture of the Wireless USB adapter.TP-LINK Wireless USB adapter

He bought the TP-LINK Wireless USB adapter at a computer store here in Nigeria for N4,000.

He was given a CD to install the drivers of the adapter on the desktop but the CD was useless as the drivers were not compatible with the hardware.

So, I helped him to download the TP-LINK Wireless USB adapter driver here. The TL-WN725N V2 driver worked perfectly for the hardware.

All you just need to do is to unzip the downloaded file to your PC. Plug in the wireless USB device and let it install itself. If it’s unable to install, go to “Device Manager” on the computer and use the “Update driver” option to search the unzipped folder for the compatible driver for the hardware.

Once installed successfully, you will notice a blue light flashing on the hardware when plugged to a USB port on the computer.

If you check the “Network Connections” on the computer, you should now see a “Wireless Network Connection”. Right click on it and click “connect..”. Connect to the Wireless network you want to connect to and enjoy.

That’s it.

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