How To Screenshot on Blackberry q10, z10, q5, z3, z30 etc

Yesterday, we shared with you, how to take a screenshot on Blackberry Leap. So, today, we’ve decided to share with you, how to screenshot on Blackberry z10, q10, q5, z3, z30 and other Blackberry 10 smartphones.

Taking a screenshot on your BlackBerry 10 phone can come in handy when you want to capture a chat, share icon arrangement on your phone screen etc. And the good thing about the Blackberry 10 phones, is that you don’t need any mobile app for you to screenshot your phone screen. Blackberry already buil in the function in the BB 10 phones.

side buttons on blackberry q10

Whenever you are ready to screenshot on a Blackberry 10 smartphone, press both the Volume Up and Volume Down keys (on the right side of the device) at the same time.

You will hear a click sound and your screen shot will be saved to your Camera folder on your BB 10 phone.

Your screenshot will be save to your pictures folder on your BB10 phone. So, you will have to launch the “Pictures” app to view your saved screenshots.

NB: Blackberry q10 buttons on side include a middle button which functions as a dedicated physical button for BlackBerry Assistant; BlackBerry’s version of Siri, Cortana or Google Now.

Have fun!

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