How To Take ScreenShots On Nokia Lumia Phones

Yesterday, a friend asked me how he can take a screen shot on his Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 phone. I showed him how and it worked for him. Today, I’ve decided to share the trick with you so you too can start taking screenshot of all kinds of interesting, fun, or important stuff on your Lumia phone eg Lumia 800, 900 etc.

With Windows Phone 8, you can take a screenshot, save it in the Photos Hub, and share it. Hence, if you own a Nokia Lumia phone which is one of the Windows 8 mobiles, you can easily grab the screen of your phone without the need of a third party app.

Nokia Lumia 920

How To Take Screenshot In Windows 8 Phone

Just press the Start (in the bottom-middle of the screen) and Power keys at the same time to capture whatever is currently on your screen. When done correctly, your handset screen will flash and play an audible camera-like shutter sound.

The screenshot is saved to the folder in Albums/Screenshots, available via the Photos hub.

==> Start button is the button with windows logo and the Power button is on the right side of your phone, just below the volume buttons.

That’s all.

If you want to share a screenshot then you just tap and hold on it and the share options will pop up, allowing you to send it by email, SMS, or share via Facebook and other social networks.

Let me know if it works for you.

NOTE: This trick will not work on a Windows 7 phone as it is not available on WP 7-7.8 at this point. You can try screen capture app for windows 7 phones.

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