iOS May Overtake Android

Over the years, Android OS has been leading the smartphone market share. Few quarters ago, it got 85% of the market share which was considered to be its peak. Also, over a billion Android smartphones were sold out last year.

The whole story is changing as iOS started to pose a threat to Android’s big market share. The last quarter of last year (Q4 2014) was like a comeback for Apple as their devices sales soar high in the market while Android experienced a decline for the first time.

According to a report by ABI Research, Android’s shipments dropped from 217.49 million of Q3 2014 to 205.56 million in Q4 2014 while iOS shipments rose from 39.27 million in Q3 2014 to 74.50 million in Q4 2014.


It is very shocking to see Android, the people’s phone, getting lower attention than before. The ever expensive phone of the elites is now making waves showing that it may be the cause of Android’s decline.

To see that people prefer the boring iPhone with only one way of operation to the interesting Android with much more options, open source data and third party apps domination.

It is speculated that the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus might be the noteworthy stuff that turned people to iPhone.

Also speculated was the fact that strong mobile operating systems like Forks made by modifying the Android might be the cause for Android’s decline in the market.

Even though the decline is just for one quarter, it is expected to continue as Android Lollipop is yet to hit the market as it should. The woes of the latest version of Android which was tagged to compatibility issues keep trailing it till date.

We hope our beloved Android recover from this and keep making the waves in the smartphone market.

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