Jumia Hosted Tech Bloggers And Brands To Discuss Mobiles

In what may seem like an emerging market, Nigeria already has a big stake in the African mobile phones sale. This fact was one of those that were unveiled at the Jumia’s Tech Bloggers Round Table. The meeting which was organized by top Nigerian e-retailer, Jumia, allowed top tech bloggers discuss leading mobile brands in Nigeria. There was an intense exchange of so many ideas within the hour that the event took place. Samsung, Infinix, Lenovo, Tecno , LG and InnJoo had their representatives in attendance while about 20 top Nigeria tech blogs like Ogbongeblog, OscarMini, Android Nigeria, Techcabal had their representatives in attendance.


Prior to the round table discussion, Jumia selected  had 100 tech bloggers in Nigeria and asked them six questions about mobile phones. The questions which tackles some OS, UX, design and performance issues were discussed extensively. The brands also explained how they are working assiduously to come up with products that meet the consumers’ needs.

In Nigeria, where the market of smartphones is getting wider, the different needs of the consumers becomes more obvious than ever. One of the major problems Nigerian smartphone users face is the phone battery. In a country where epileptic power supply is sacrosanct and people want to get to use their mobiles all the time, accessories like power bank and extra battery becomes more important than the phone itself.

Also, motion gesture seems not to be making the waves the way it should with the Nigerian consumers. Consumer behaviour study done by some of the brands and bloggers show that most consumers get tired of motion gesture after using it for few weeks. However, brands like Samsung and LG who are in the game of gesture had to prove how important this singular feature is. And with the way things are, the future of motion gesture seem to be bleak if it does not solve more problems than it is solving presently.

There are lots of features that a smartphone company has to strike balance between when building a device but a very key factor which should not also be neglected is price. The Nigerian market is very sensitive to price and this is why consumers in this market wants more for less. They want phones that are high-end but wouldn’t want to pay much. We hope all the brands present would take the ideas discussed to their drawing board to develop an awesome phone that would drive the Nigerian market nuts.

What phone are you using and why do you like it? Share your thoughts through the comment box.

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