Looking For Opera Mini For Windows Phone? See This!

Opera Mini For Windows Phone

While Windows Phone OS gains more popularity in bits and pieces, there are some things that could be considered ‘annoying’ to many users and probably what scares many folks away from heading on to the devices that run it.  Availability of apps is a major challenge that the Windows Phone OS still battles till date but things are changing if we look at it from another perspective. In this post, I am talking about an app that is most needed in this part of the world but missing in the Windows Phone Store – Opera Mini for Windows Phone.

When I got my Lumia, the first set of apps I looked for were Opera Mini, 2go and WhatsApp. To my surprise, I couldn’t find Opera Mini for Windows Phone even though I could live without 2go and the world will still be a better place. This turned to be very frustrating for me and I know I am not the only one looking for Opera Mini for Lumia Phones. You would agree that the browser is just too useful for daily mobile internet users. Intuitive and compresses web pages to save data (this is very important for me). Having used Symbian and Android for a sizeable period of time, I got so furious and had an evil thought of giving the phone away in exchange for an Android equivalent. Thank God I didn’t spare the thought!

Searching for Opera Mini for Windows Phone? Too bad you won’t find one yet and maybe not anytime soon. However, there are good browsers that also get the job done. Although it may take a while to adapt but trust me, you’d get similar experience so there’s no reason throwing your Lumia away if you are in dire need of a lite browser.

Alternatives to Opera Mini For Windows Phone:

  1. UC Browser: The UC Team have done an awesome job at making their browser truly cross-platform. UC Browser for Windows Phone allows you to browse in full HTML5 mode as with the default browser. Personally, this has been my No 1 browser for Windows Phone because I get to choose when to save data and when not to. To get an Opera Mini experience with this browser, simply switch the browsing mode to SPEED MODE and every website visited will be compressed and delivered through UC’s servers. Do I need to mention how powerful UC Browser’s download manager is? The app also allows you to save downloaded files to SD Card as well as sharing over Wi-Fi. Aside these, there are lots of features packed along with UC Browser for Windows Phone.
  2. Nokia Xpress Browser: Nokia Xpress Browser is my second choice browser for Windows Phone. Although it was developed specifically for light-weight browsing, it lacks some basic features. These features can be ignored anyway but you’d need them once or twice in a day. Nokia Xpress also can be slow but everyone who needs a browser that makes minimal use of data on Windows Phone should consider downloading it.

Your search for Opera Mini for Windows Phone ends here apparently. Don’t expect it at all. Use these alternatives instead and get used to it. Here are the download links:

Download UC Browser for Windows Phone

Download Nokia Xpress for Windows Phone


If you have a better alternative to opera mini for Windows Phone, you can sound off in the comments section.

Also tell your friends that you found this post; trust me, there are lots of people looking for a data-saving browser for Windows Phone.

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