nMusic Africa App for Android Lets You Stream and Download Music

nMusic android app

You can listen to millions of tracks everywhere on your Android tablet and smartphone if you subscribe to nMusic streaming service. It is a new and revolutionary way to organize audio content based on a mood, decade, target user or almost everything you want.

nMusic features “For You” which recommends songs for users. The recommendations are based on the songs played, shared and sent to offline by the user. Apart from allowing you to stream music, you can also download music for offline play.

The offline mode of nMusic makes content always available, even without an Internet or network connection. The content is saved locally using the ‘Send To Offline’ option.

Users can also download albums for offline listening and can choose only to use Wi-Fi data if they are concerned about mobile data costs. Users can also customise the amount of space available to the nMusic app.

Where To Download nMusic App

As at the time of publishing this, nMusic is free for you wherever you go with your Samsung device running Android 4.0 or higher. You can download nMusic Africa Android app from Google play.

You can also download it via

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