No! Mosquito! – An App That Drives Mosquitoes Away

Once upon a night, a Nigerian mom was relaxing in her sitting room with her kids when she heard the mean buzz of that unwanted guest – Madam Mosquito had come again! At that moment, she made a silent wish in her heart – her wish was that app developers should just come up with an app that can kill mosquitoes since the insecticides were no longer working… And the fairy Godfather (app developers) granted her wish.   –  The End!


A night without a mosquito bite in Nigeria? Unimaginable! But very true with this app known as No! Mosquito!

No! Mosquito! is an app I discovered out of necessity after being mercilessly bitten by mosquitoes. It is anti-mosquito app, which right now is only available to Apple devices.


Two days after using this app, I can humbly say that the mosquitoes have stayed away. A true test was when I had a bite on my leg, and quickly switched on the app, ten minutes later, I didn’t hear a sound.


How  No! Mosquito! App works

No! Mosquito! uses an ultra sonic sound technology to drive away mosquitoes. The whole idea is like playing an annoying song for the mosquitoes and because they don’t like the sound that they hear, they flee from the scene. With the No! Mosquito! App you can select frequencies from 14 kHz (almost inaudible sound waves) to 22 kHz (ultrasound).
The beauty of this app is that it runs in the background when your phone is locked. With this feature, you are sure the mosquitoes are kept at bay. The phone battery doesn’t really run down much when the app is running in the background.

When you get the app on your iPhone, all you have to do is press the power button and turn the frequency range to the right, choosing a frequency that works for you. If after the night you get bitten, don’t despair. Just tune it higher or lower as the case may be. Personally, I tune mine to 21 kHz and then I turn the volume up to the loudest (never mind, you won’t hear the sound, only the mosquitoes will).

Main features of the No! Mosquito app

– Auto noise generation algorithm (14 – 22 kHz),
– Runs in the background,
– Smart frequency range selector,
– Battery saving timer,
– Manual frequency slider,
– Simple app design for your elegant apps archives,
– Blue and pink skins for color lovers night light mode, when sound waves are turned on).
If you have infants in the room, please be sure to watch their reaction to the app. Infants and in some cases toddlers are known to hear these tiny sounds too and if it turns out to be disturbing to them, I’ll advice you turn down the volume a bit, remember the louder the sound the more effective the app.

Keep the phone away from the bed. It is best kept on a side table or any other flat surface preferably higher than the level of the bed.

Right now, the No! Mosquito is only available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and best adapted for the iOS7. I want to believe something is being done for Android phones.

Suggestion for Android users

Android users can check out theis highly rated alternative app that is designed for the same purpose: Anti Mosquito Sonic Repellent by Zondiplex


iPhone users: Download No! Mosquito App here 

Android users: Download The Anti Mosquito sonic repellent here
Sleep tight and don’t let the mosquitoes bite!

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