Paga Agent Application Form

A Paga agent is an authorized independent retailer trained to provide Paga services to customers in Nigeria. The role of a Paga Agent includes: new customer registration, providing Paga customers with help, loading cash into customers’ Paga accounts, performing transactions on behalf of the customer, and processing cash withdrawal requests.

Paga agents receive a commission on every customer transaction they perform. The more transactions carried out, the more money you will earn. This can result in a substantial new revenue stream. As a Paga agent you receive commissions, increased foot traffic to your existing business, access to high quality training by Paga and affiliate companies and other incentives.

A Paga agent is in direct contact with customers wherever they live and work. For this reason, the most successful Paga agents are likely to be people with existing businesses that are trusted in their communities and have a loyal customer base.

How To Become A Paga Agent

First thing you have to do, is to download Paga Application form or fill it online.

NOTE: Submitting the form does not make you an Agent of Paga automatically as your application will still have to go through some checks.

>> Download Paga app

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