Palmchat App On Tecno Android Phones Lets You Make New Friends

If you are looking for a chatting app that can work on your Tecno Android phone, you’ve got to try the Palmchat Messenger. The free messaging application which is preloaded on most Tecno Androids, lets you contact your friends and meet new ones with ease.

Once you sign up on palmchat, you will get a unique ID, which other users can easily use to search for you. Hence, no need to share your phone numbers with strangers before you can chat with them. With the “Look Around” and “Search By Info” features of the Palmchat app, you can also easily  find friends using Palmchat.

The app supports voice chat, letting you chat in a message-voice message when you don’t feel like typing. You can also attach images and audio files and easily send them to your friends. You can show something more than you can say using the interesting emoticon with African style embedded in the Palmchat application.

There are also Palmchat chatrooms grouped into different categories, where you can also easily meet new friends that share similar interests with you. The fun part is the “Shake Shake” feature that lets you find people who are shaking a phone at the exact same time as you are.

Palmchat is available on multiple platforms including Android, JAVA, Symbian, Blackberry and WAP now.

Palmchat app

How To Download PalmChat

To download Plamchat for blackberry, Nokia, and any other phone, go to on your phone browser. Sign up and login to your Palmchat app and start chatting with friends at

Do you know any other chatting app for Tecno phones? Pls, let me hear from you via comments.

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