Palmchat Free Download For Blackberry, Nokia, Androids and iOS

Earlier, I shared a review of the Palmchat application that normally comes preloaded on Tecno phones. It is a mobile messenger application on which users can send & receive voice messages, pictures and text messages via data. It also supports group chat and location based services which offer users totally different experiences.

The app lets you get new friends by “Chat Room”、”Look Around”、”Shake Shake”、 “Seach By Info”、“Seach Via Id”、”User Online” and so on. You can sign up with your phone number to start chatting with the Palmchat app.

Key Features of Palmchat


  • Classic global chatrooms
  • Find people nearby via the locating service.
  • Make friends via Af ID.
  • All chat records are secured by cryptography technology
  • Hundreds of cute and funny emoticons. And more, they are animated
  • Find people who have the same interests and hobbies
  • Amazing one-to-one chat & group chat. All are free of charge
  • Voice messages. (Hold the button, record your message and send. So easy!)
  • Send voice messages, text messages, emoticons and pictures in amazing speed
  • Your delivered messages will be marked as sending or sent successfully
  • When your Palmchat is offline. You can still receive messages instantly
  • Find people who are shaking a phone at the exactly same time as you are using Shake Shake
Palmchat screenshots

Where To Download Palmchat App

Palmchat application is available for Androids, Blackberry, iOS devices as well as Java phones.

The easiest way to download the app is to visit on your smartphone browser and you can go to Google play to download the Palmchat for Androids.

You can also get the Palmchat download links at Plamchat website at

Happy Chatting!



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