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Download PalmChat Messenger for Q10, Z10 and Other Blackberry 10 Phones

palmchat for blackberry q10

Palmchat is a free social software integrating chatting and dating, which supports multiple chatting types. The app allows users to make more friends through chatrooms, look around, shake, search, dating etc.

If you own a Blackberry 10 device (Q5, Q10, Z10, Z3 etc), you might have noticed that Blackberry 10 devices are not listed on the official download page of Palmchat messenger. More so, if you search for it in the Blackberry World, the reviews there might discourage you from downloading it because many users complained they can’t register with the Palmchat for Blackberry
10 app and that it’s very slow.

Honestly, the reviews discouraged me too. I could still remember how the 2go for Blackberry 10 frustrated me the last time I downloaded it from the Blackberry World, which prompted me to delete it immediately.

Instead of downloading the Palmchat from App World, I downloaded the it’s apk and installed it on my Q10. I was able to register easily and Palmchat login was instant even without email verification.  It has been running fine for me since then.

So, if the one you downloaded from the Blackberry App world is frustrating you, you can download Palmchat apk here and use it to install the app on your Blackberry 10 phone.

Note: Your BB10 phone must be running on at least Blackberry OS Version 10.2.1 for it to be able to accept apk files.

Have fun!

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