Parts of Android Mobile Phones

Android mobile phones are cell phones running the Android operating system built on a Linux foundation and developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google. The Android platform is made available under developer-friendly open-source licenses, which gives device manufacturers and mobile operators significant freedom and flexibility to design products.

Android phones use touch screens. Most have no physical keyboard, but you can also find a number of models with a slide-out keyboard. There are onscreen navigation keys for “return”, “home” and “recent apps”. At the top of the screen, you will likely see the earpiece, indication light, proximity sensor and the front camera which might be aided by flash.

Around your device you’ll find the usual physical buttons for power on/off, volume keys, headset/audio jack, microphone, micro-USB (for charging, connecting to a PC and in some devices connecting to HDMI using an adapter). You’ll typically have back camera and in some models, you will likely see fingerprint scanner and speaker at the back of your phone.

Below are images of parts of android cell phones :


samsung cell phone parts


parts of an android phone screen htc windows phone


parts of samsung galaxy android phone

You just have to press the screen gently, no need to push hard, when you operate your Android phone. After you’ve unlocked the device, you’ll be presented with the home screen. In Android you have actually 3-7 home screens, depending on your Android device model. You move between them by sweeping the screen to the right or to the left. The one in the middle is often THE Home screen.

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