Introducing PayWithCapture Mobile Payment Application

PayWithCapture is a mobile payment solution that permits customers to make payments by scanning a generated QR-Code using the camera of their mobile device, using Quick Pay by capturing the Merchant ID or Beacons NFC in the merchant’s store which automatically prompts you to pay.

This application also works offline this means that data service is not required on the phone for payment. The transaction details are sent in little packets of data which have customer information encrypted for security. This process reduces, or rather, totally obliterates issues of network downtime and inability to process payments.

Remarkably, PayWithCapture is powered by Access Bank. Nonetheless, with PayWithCapture, you can pay with any bank’s card. It can be linked with different cards (MasterCard/VISA, Bank Account & Mobile Wallet) You register all your Cards on your PayWithCapture profile and they will be selectively or collectively debited based on your preference. However, only access bank account holders can link their account to the app non- account holders can link their cards.

It also works with proprietary beacon technology and Near Field Communication technology. This allows you to pay without contact once you’re in an area (merchant location) that supports PayWithCapture. This is a massive step forward in ambient context identification, as beacons allow for background positioning and detection, giving new power to a phone that can make it truly ‘smart’.

In addition to this, PayWithCapture is PCIDSS certified which means that the platform meets international payment standard requirement. This certifies PayWithCapture as secure and consumer’s sensitive payment card information is safe. Furthermore, a two-step authentication process is required to sign into the application and perform transactions.

Additionally, recognizing the importance of a good user interface, its intuitive user interface is clear and concise, allowing consumers navigate the app easily.

The latest version, PayWithCapture 5.0, comes with additional features that enable customers to transfer funds from any bank account (one or more) to any bank account or phone number and email addresses.

PayWithCapture 5.0 has also expanded to the web for users to experience the many benefits on larger screens. It also offers a USSD service *901# that allows users to carry out most of the listed functions without the need to access the internet.

Users can also set up a savings club through PayWithCapture. Savings Clubs, commonly known as Ajo or Esusu enable them save jointly with friends towards a common goal as the funds can be pooled and rotated among all members of the group or pooled and given to one person.

If you are a business owner, you can sign up here as PayWithCapture merchant. Once approved, you will be issued a paywithcapture merchant ID which paywithcapture users can use to easily make payment to you.


pay with capture mobile payment application


How To Download PayWithCapture Mobile App

You can download PayWithCapture for Android from google play store and you can download PayWithCapture for iPhone or iPad at the Apple App store.  You can also download PayWithCapture app for Blackberry at the Blackberry World.

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