Reiboot and Recboot Failed To Resolve “iPad disabled : Connect to iTunes’

Yesterday, while looking for how to resolve the “iPad disabled : Connect to iTunes” issue, without losing all the data on my iPad, I stumbled on the recboot and reiboot software. Both utility tools basically puts iPhone or iPad in or out of recovery mode —- and are available for free download online.

After downloading the recbook zip file, I unzipped it and clicked on the recboot app to launch it. Unfortunately, it keeps throwing some errors till I was forced to remove it from my PC. So, it was totally useless to me.

Reiboot on the other hand was only able to put my iPad out of recovery mode whenever I put it in recovery mode but after the iPad restarts, the iPad remains inaccessible. The “iPad disabled : Connect to iTunes” keeps appearing on the screen.

reiboot recovery tool

So, if you are looking for how to resolve “iPad disabled : Connect to iTunes” even if you’ve remembered the password of your device, both utility tools won’t work for you.

You will need iTunes to resolve the issue and if you don’t have access to your back up file on the PC you sync the iPad with, am sorry, you will lose all the data on the iPad once resolved.

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