How To Recover Deleted Notes On iPad 3

iPad Notes App

This morning, while deleting some notes via the “Notes” app on my iPad 3, I mistakenly deleted an important note where I save information of my business partners. Immediately, I googled  how to recover deleted notes from iPad.

I stumbled on a thread at Apple’s discussion forum and after reading through several recommendations on the thread, including restoring my most recent iTunes back up (too old), I found a simple solution that worked for me.

The deleted note was in my GMail account, the one I added to my iPad and also used as my Notes account (to sync my Notes to my GMail).  I used the “search bar” at the top of my GMail to search “All Mail” (not trash, or elsewhere) for the deleted note.

I was very happy when I found it there. Immediately, I copied the content and pasted it as a new note via the iPad Notes app.

That’s all.

If you know other tricks for recovering a deleted note on iPad, kindly share via comments.


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