App review: Google Keep

Google Keep

I have decided to start reviewing a Google app every week. You will really enjoy learning more about the Google apps that are available on your mobile platform. The app I will be reviewing this week is the Google Keep.

There are lots of note-taking apps out there but Google Keep is one of the best. Google Keeps comes with a cool interface having yellow and greyish colours. It is easy to use as it does not  have complex options.

It allows you to create notes, to-do lists and even save images. It synchronizes your notes, to-do lists and images with your Google Account. 

With your Google username and password (the one you use to access your Gmail account),  you can access Google Keep from any device that has a browser going via

You can change the colour of your notes to make the interface more colourful than the default. The notes can also be displayed in list or grid view to suit your taste. The android app has  a widget that can be used on tablets.

Google Keep was initially a sub-app of Google Drive but was later made to stand alone. It also has a reminder feature that enables you to get notified about a note.

You can archive your notes to keep them away from the main dashboard. This is for confidential notes that you don’t want to come up in the notes section. Notes deleted are transferred to the Trash and made to spend like 30 days there before permanent deletion. However you can manually delete notes in the Trash before 30 days.

Google Keep has a mobile app for Android but does not have one for iOS. iPhone users grumbling? You don’t have to worry because while I was skimming the web, I came across this iOS app that supports Google Keep. It is called the TurboNote. You can download it from iTunes.

We, android users, are covered 😉 : download Google Keep from Play Store.

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