Beautify Your Phone with Custom Cases

A question for the fashion guys and ladies:

“Have you ever been disturbed with the fact that the colour of your mobile phone does not match the colour of your clothes or vice versa?”

Well, that should be then because I will be talking about two brands handling your fashion ish now. There are actually thousands of brands in this business but I am a little bit familiar with only two.


custom phone cases design

Apparafix is based in Africa, Ghana to be precise. Apparafix was not set up because of phone cases; it was founded to be a repair shop for Apple products. They specialize in iOS stuffs. All they cater for are Apple products like they own Apple Inc – reason why I don’t like them¬†lol.

Why apparafix is so cool is because they also specialize in Afrocase. They do less of plain designs and more of African colour combination. Their afrocases are majorly $25. I have not seen one that is more expensive than that even though there may be.

Visit their website to get some afrocases for your iPhone or even make repair.


iPhone6 custom cases

Slickwraps specializes majorly in device skins. Their designs ranges from plain colours to wood designs to some other exciting designs. They don’t only provide wraps for phones, they also have cases for TV devices, smart watches, tabs and the likes. They make wraps for the most recent phones like HTC M8, iPhone 6 and the likes. You can get your Androids and iPhones some funky wraps from slickwraps.

Visit their website for more info about their wraps.

Do you know other companies that beautify smartphones? Please, let me hear from you via comments.

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