How I Use Remember App On Blackberry 10 To Record Voice Notes

If you switch from the old Blackberry phones eg Bold 5, to one of the Blackberry 10 phones, I can bet you will be surprised not to see a “voice recorder” icon on your smartphone. Anyway, don’t fret. Voice Recorder also comes pre-installed on the BB 10 phones i.e z10, q5, q10, z3, z30, Blackberry leap etc

The inbuilt voice recorder for blackberry 10 is located in the “Remember” note app right there on the phone!! i.e You can use BlackBerry “Remember” application for recording voice notes on Blackberry 10 phones. It is also a perfect Blackberry classic voice recorder.

How To Record Voice Notes using Remember App on Blackberry 10

Below is how I use the “Remember” app as Blackberry q10 voice recorder. The bbq10 runs Blackberry OS

blackberry remember app voice recorder

1. Launch the “Remember” app
2. Tap the Voice note (mic) icon .
3. Tap record button.
4. When finished tap the icon again to stop recording.
5. Tap “done” and “Save”

That’s all.

You can check out top five things you can do with the Blackberry Remember application.

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