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How I Save Pictures from Nairaland Forum

Saving pictures on Nairaland Nigeria forum is not as easy as it is on other websites out there. If you tap or right click on an image on Nairaland and save it to your device, the image itself will not be downloaded to your device. One rubbish will be downloaded instead. I guess that’s how the owner of the forum configured the site. Anyway, there is a workaround.

Anytime I see any picture I want to save on Nairaland, I simply munch the screen and crop it with a photo editing app on my phone. On PC, I simply use of snipping tool or skitch app to take the screenshot and crop as desired.

Taking screenshot without making use of an app depends on the type of phone you use though but if you can’t figure out how to take screenshot on your phone, you can download Skitch mobile app.

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I hope this trick makes sense to you. lol

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