Nairaland App For Android Notifies You Whenever The Forum’s Home Page is Updated

Seun, the owner of Nairaland forum yesterday announced the first official Nairaland app version 1.0 for Android phones (and tablets). The app, which is now available as free download at the Google play store, simply notifies you instantly whenever Nairaland Forum’s home page is updated.

You will not be able to post and comment on threads by using the app, rather the app redirects you to the Nairaland website everytime you launch the app on your Android device. So, no offline access to threads. Infact, you need internet connection for you to be able to enable the notifications.

screenshot of Nairaland app

I think this app will now make things easier for the Nairaland “first to comment” warriors as well as make some Nairalanders become more addicted to the site. 🙂

You can download the official Nairaland Forum App for Android here.

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