Self-destructing Messages Coming To WhatsApp Quite Soon

WhatsApp has been adding a lot more functionality to its App. Not too long ago we saw that a dark mode toggle was added to the WhatsApp Application and now a new feature is underway. This new feature enables users to engage in conversations that delete after a set period of time.

Self-destructing message settings can be seen in two beta versions of the App carrying version numbers 2.20.83 and 2.20.84. In these app versions you can set the expiry period of the messages between one hour, one day, one week, one month or one year.

After the timer is set, a clock will appear next to the time the message was sent enabling you to keep track of when the messages will disappear.

For now there is no information about when this feature will reach the stable version of the App but it is definitely being worked on.

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