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How To Send a Broadcast Message On WhatsApp for Android, Z10, iPhone etc

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other!If you’ve installed Whatsapp to your phone, I guess you would have stumbled on the “broadcast” feature. The feature simply lets users send broadcast messages.

What is a broadcast message in whatsapp ?

According to wikihow, it’s simply a mass message to many people that only allows them to reply individually to you and does not let recipients see each other.

With the Broadcast Message feature you can send a message to several of your friends at once ( the ones who have added you to their contact lists). It is ideal for personal announcements, invitations to celebrations, and such similar messages.

So, What are the differences between messaging in group and sending broadcast messages in WhatsApp?

If you send a message to a Whatsapp group, everyone sees all messages sent within the group (including replies by members of the group) but if you send out a broadcast message, only you as the original broadcaster will receive the replies to the BC.

In addition, only contacts who have you added to their contacts will receive your broadcast message but members of a group who didn’t add you to their phone contacts list will also receive any message you send in a Whatsapp group.

So, How Can I Send a BC Message In Whatsapp?

In this guide, I will be making use of Whatsapp Messenger version 2.11.414 for Infinix Android phone. I believe the steps should set you on the right track if you also whant to send a broadcast message on Whatsapp z10, iPhone and other smartphones.

Let’s get started

==> Launch your Whatsapp
==> On the Chats screen, tap the menu icon/button
==> Tap “New Broadcast

send bc on whatsapp
==> Tap the + button to choose recipients from your contact list
==> Tap “done” once you finish selecting the recipients
==> Tap “Create

This will create a new list of broadcast recipients. When you send a message to the Broadcast List, it will send to all recipients in the list.

The recipients will receive the message as a normal message. When they reply, it will appear as a normal message in your Chats screen; their reply will not send to other recipients in the Broadcast List.

Remember: Only contacts who have added you to their phone contacts list will receive your Broadcast Message.

How To Send a Broadcast Message On Whatsapp Z10 and iPhone.

Read how to send Whatsapp BC on Blackberry 10 and how to send broadcast messages on Whatsapp for iPhone.

I hope this helps.

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