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Sentons SurfaceWave Launched: A Processor That Creates Software-defined Surfaces To HeightenTouch and Gesture

Sentons is a fabless semiconductor company developing multi-touch sensors that support a wide range of glass and metal substrates, with it’s headquarters located in Silicon Valler, California. The company has announced the launch of SurfaceWave, a processor and gesture engine that can be used in smartphones and other hardware to create virtual wheels and buttons to control and navigate apps and features on the devices. The Surface wave and engine are completely available to any mobile manuacturer.

Sentons system is based around a processor that emits ultrasonic pings to detect physical movement and force on the surface of an object. Combining the capacitive touch with sentons’ algorithm, it can be used to measure force, intent and touch. Aside the processor and gesture engine, Sentons also uses sensor modules around the perimeter of a device to detect when the emitted ultrasonic pings are interrupted.

The system also trains itself and adjusts to temporal buttons and other unintended things like when a screen cracks and your gestures move over to a different area of the phone.

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