How To Set Limit for Data Usage on Infinix Hot 2 x510

If you would like to set a limit for the amount of data your Infinix Hot 2 consumes while browsing with a cellular network (while not connected to Wi-Fi),  Android Lollipop has a new feature to help.

The feature simply lets you set cellular data limit. Your phone will turn off cellular data once it reaches the limit you set.

To limit data usage on Infinix Hot 2 Android smartphone, pull down the notification panel from the top, then swipe down again to see your quick settings.

Thereafter, tap on the cellular data icon.

infinix hot 2 android cellular data icon

Tap on “More Settings”.

on and off data on infinix hot 2 android phone

Toggle ON the “set cellular data limit”.  Then drag the data limit bar (orange) as desired.

set data limit in infinix hot 2 android phone
You can as well set data usage warning too.

That’s all.

Alternatively, you can also go to “Settings” > “Data Usage” to set the data limit.

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