Sterling Bank App for Money Transfer Is Now OnePay App

Sterling bank app for money transfer is now Sterling OnePay app.

The old app might not work for you if you want to transfer money from your sterling bank account. So, you should un-install it from your mobile phone and download Sterling OnePay app from the Google play store (for android devices) or Apple app store (for iPhone, iPad).

After installing the app, you will be required to sign up with a username and password, after which you will also have to set the PIN which you will be using to authorize your transactions. Everytime, you want to use the app, you will be required to sign in with the username and password. You can also use fingerprint as your login authorization method.

You can add and manage beneficiaries and you can hide your account balance from been displayed when you sign in to the app. You can buy airtime, data plans from the sterling bank app and you can also use it to pay utility bills, dstv subscriptions, gotv subscriptions etc

Unfortunately, when I tried using the app to transfer money, I was stucked. There was a N30,000 daily transfer limit which makes no sense to me. I contacted Sterling bank customer care on Twitter and I was told I have to fill an indemnity form. They sent me the download link of the form, told me to print it, fill it as required, sign it and email it to before they can lift the transfer limit. Imagine that!


sterling bank app for money transfer dstv bills payment


Anyway, you can download the sterling bank app and try it!

Feel free to share your review of the sterling bank mobile app.

To access the Sterling bank Internet banking version, please click here.

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