How I Transfer Money From Sterling Bank Account To Other Bank Accounts

Sterling bank Nigeria makes it so easy to transfer money from my account to any other bank account in Nigeria. I no longer have to visit any Sterling bank branch before I can send money to my loved ones. I can simply transfer money on my phone, at the ATM or on the internet.

Out of all the options available, I prefer using the Quickteller classic app to transfer money from my Sterling bank account to another sterling account or account of any other bank. Very easy, no need for OTP and I only have to pay N100 service fee which is deducted from my Sterling bank account balance.

If you also want to be using this method for money transfer, download QuickTeller classic app to your mobile phone, enter your phone number to activate it, add details of your Sterling bank verve ATM card to the app and visit the ATM to complete the registration as stated in the app.

Once you successfully complete the registration, you can start using the Quickteller app to transfer money from your Sterling bank account to other bank accounts.

You can read more on how to transfer money with Quickteller app.

quickteller classic app for money transfer, pay bills


Other ways you can transfer money from Sterling account include the use of :

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Which method is your preferred option of sending money to other accounts from your Sterling bank account?

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