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SWIFT Data Plan List, Prices and MB Size

Swift Networks is a 4G internet service provider in Nigeria that provides multi-service broadband connectivity services to businesses and residential subscribers. Currently available in Lagos, Nigeria, the ISP offers high-Speed data transmission and Internet access services over a secure, high-speed and reliable telecommunications pipe.

If you want to browse the internet using SWIFT networks, you will have to buy the Swift4G LTE WiFi Modem and subscribe to any of the SWIFT 4G plans. You can enjoy unlimited speed on your smartphone, tablet, PDA, PC from as low as N500. The plans are categorized into: individual, residential, business etc

swift networks

The Swift budget data plan  is an individual Swift Networks data plan that is ideal for students, workers, occasional and light users who require the freedom of 24×7 access. It gives you 300MB at N500.  

SWIFT Budget plus data plan offers 1GB at N2,000. Also available 24/7.

SWIFT Night data plan  is available from 6PM – 8AM, daily for one month and offers 7Gb at N3,500.

SWIFT Essential 4G plan is ideal for Professionals & homes that require 24×7. It offers 14GB for N7,000. You can check out other SWIFT 4G Residential plans here.

You can check out the SWIFT business data plans at:

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