Tecno D7 vs D9 (Differences)

Now that Tecno Mobile has announced Tecno D9 as the successor to the Tecno D7, I guess it will be interesting to analyze the similarities and differences between both Tecno smartphones to see if the difference in price really worth it.

Just like most Tecno Androids, both are powered by the Android 4.2 JellyBean OS. So, if you are a lover of BBM, you will be able to rock the messenger very well on both smartphones. Besides that, both supports 3.75G network, expandable microSD; up to 32GB and have access to 1,000,000 + apps. Both sport 1GB ROM.

Tecno d9 photo
Picture of Tecno D9

So, what are the differences between Tecno D9 and D7?

==> Tecno D9 features  6.0″ touchscreen made of IPS material while D7 features 5.5″ touchscreen made of TN material

==> D7 runs on  1.3GHz DUAL-core CPU while D9 runs on 1.2GHz QUAD-core CPU

==> D9’s display has a resolution of 540×960 compared to the 480×854 display resolution of the D7

==> D9 sports 8.0 MP AF rear camera while that of D7 is  5MP-AF

==> The front facing camera of D9 is  5.0 MP AF while that of the D7 is 2M-FF

==> The size (dimension) of D7 is  159.5*80.5*9.9mm while that of D9 is 165*84.2*10.4mm

==> Battery capacity of D9 is 2450mAh while that of the D7 is 2500mAh

As you can see, there are loads of differences and I expect the D9 to be more expensive than the D7.

Do you know other differences between both Tecno Androids? Pls, share via comments.


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