Tecno N3 Review, Specs, Games and Price in Nigeria

Tecno N3 was the first Tecno Android phone to hit the Nigerian mobile market earlier this year. Series of new Android Tecno phones have been released after Tecno N3, making the phone a lil bit outdated; one of the reasons why it is now somehow hard to buy from the market.

Just like the Tecno P3 and other Tecno Androids, the N3 is a 3G dual sim smartphone. It has a full 3.5 inch touch screen. Whatsapp for Tecno N3, Instagram etc are all working fine on the smartphone.

Tecno N3 Specifications

==> Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System

==> 3.5″ display with : 320*480 resolution

==> 3G Network capability (GSM/DCS/WCDMA)

==> CPU Frequency:  1GHz Single-core

==> 512MB ROM + 512 MB RAM (Memory)

==> Battery Capacity :  BL-4E 1400mAh

==> 3.0 MP Back Camera

==> Supports bluetooth, WIFI, USB, Earphone etc

==> NO Java, GPS, Flash

Tecno N3 Picture

tecno N3 photo

Tecno N3 Games

You can play pre-loaded Tecno games on the Tecno N3 as well as Android games which you can download from Google Play and third-part websites using .apk files. Some of the games include: Iron Man 3, Tecno GTR Racing, Tecno Ludo, Real Football for Tecno, SpiderMan, Little big city, Shark Dash etc. You can also download games using Gameloft app on Tecno N3.

Can I Use BBM On Tecno N3?

NO unless you can upgrade the N3 to Android 4.0. BBM only works on tecno phones running Android 4.0+ OS.

How To Screen Grab on Tecno N3

If you want to take screenshots on your Tecno N3, hold down the power button and the lower volume button simultaneously till you hear a click sound like the camera click sound and you’ll see a framed image appear and fade into the notification bar. The screenshot will automatically be saved in screenshot folder in the Gallery app

How To Root Tecno N3 Without PC

If you want to unroot your rooted Tecno N3 or you want to root it without using PC, you can read my guide on how to use framaroot app for rooting Tecno phones.

How To Reset/Unlock Tecno N3

Have you messed up with your password and the phone now locked, asking you to enter gmail account, you can reset the Tecno N3 easily to factory settings.  Just remove your sim and memory card and hold the power on key and up volume key together, the phone will undergo factory reset

Price of Tecno N3 in Nigeria

Tecno N3 price in Nigeria is currently between N12,000 to N13,000. 

Looking for where to buy Tecno N3 in Nigeria? Check Konga.com, Jumia.com.ng, Slotlimited.com stores.



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