Transfer Files from Android to iPhone, iPad Using Xender Mobile App


If you install Xender app on your Android and iOS device, you can transfer and share files between both devices with ease. No USB, no internet, no data usage, no cables, no bluetooth! The process is pretty simple.

How To Get Started

==> Download Xender for iOS and Download Xender for Android.

==> Launch Xender app on your Android device

==> While in the “connect Phone” mode, tap the “+” icon

==> Tap  “Create Group” icon and wait till it shows” Group created”

==> On your iOS device, go to “Settings” > “Wi-Fi”.

==> Toogle it ON and tap on the network that starts with “ADY” to connect to it

==> Launch the Xender app on the iOS device and tap “Connect Phone”.

Both devices should now be connected and you will notice the iPad name been displayed on the Android device.

You can now tap on any file to share between both devices.

Photos transferred to the iOS device will appear in the photo app but music transferred to the iOS device might not appear in the iOS music app. You will see the transferred music files in the Xender app Record list. Tap the icon bext to “Connect phone” to access this list.

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