UBA BVN Shortcode

With the UBA BVN shortcode, you can link your bank verification number to your UBA account. Once you submit your BVN through the code, you will get an immediate response letting you know whether your BVN is valid or incorrect. The responses will be accompanied by a phone number through which you can make further enquiries.

How to Link BVN to UBA Account

Just dial *919*6# on the telephone number that was submitted when you opened your UBA bank account. Then enter your BVN once prompted. Alternatively, you can use the UBA BVN linker site.

If you don’t have bank verification number, (bvn), you will have to fill the UBA BVN form. Once the UBA BVN registration is complete, then you wait for the bank to issue you your BVN. Thereafter, you can link it to your accounts even at other banks.

Kindly note that if you fail to go for the UBA BVN update, some restrictions will be placed on your UBA account.

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About Bank Verification Number (BVN)

The BVN is a unique number given to all bank customers in Nigeria who had their finger prints and pictures taken at bank branches around the country. Each customer’s biometric and personal data is attached to all bank accounts he or she operates whether personal or corporate. Individual customers have single BVNs no matter the number of accounts they operate in as many banks as they desire. Consequently customers are able to register for BVN in any of the banks in which they have accounts. Once they get their numbers, they are required to send them to all the banks in which they operate accounts.

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