Use Quickteller App for Money Transfer Without ATM Card


Quickteller remains one of the best mobile banking app in Nigeria . You can buy airtime, pay for bills, transfer from bank to bank and do other stuffs just with your ATM card details via the Quickteller app. You just have to register to quickteller with your email , phone number and few details and get your internet banking going.

Guess what? I have a story to tell.

Few days ago, I couldn’t find my ATM card and needed the money in my account so badly.

What could be the solution? My Quickteller mobile app came to my rapid aid.

I accessed my account without my ATM card, transferred all my money to my friend’s account and got his ATM to go and withdraw the cash.

That sounds cool, right? Yeah, but you can’t just enjoy a cardless banking transaction without putting some things in place.

How To Transact With Quickteller Without Card

  • Open your Quickteller mobile app
  • Scroll to “Remember your Verve Card”
  • Select “At an ATM”
  • Go to an ATM and follow the instruction from the app
  • You are done.

After saving your ATM card, you can now perform transactions on Quickteller without an ATM card. All you need is your CVV2 (the 3 digits at the back of your ATM card) and your PIN.

You can always write the CVV2 and PIN down somewhere or codedly save them on your phone, so you won’t always be looking for your ATM card whenever you want to transact via the app.

How To Transfer Money With Quickteller App

  • Select “Transfer to bank account” from the menu
  • You will see a page where you will select the bank name and account type. Right there, you will also enter the account number you want to transfer to and the amount you want to transfer. Click “Next” when you are done.
  • Click “Next” again to confirm the details displayed are correct
  • You will be prompted to select how you want to complete the transaction. Choose your saved ATM card
  • Input the CVV2 and PIN of the card
  • Yipee! Transaction completed!!!

NOTE that you can do transactions on Quickteller with MasterCard also but the “Remember your Verve Card” feature works for Verve Cards ONLY!

You can download Quickteller mobile app here.

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