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Viber Out Lets You Call Everyone Even If They Don’t Use Viber

Viber Out, one of the Skype Out alternatives, lets Viber users from all over the world call EVERYONE (even if they are not Viber users). The service allows you to call any of your friends at low rates using the Viber app on your phone or desktop!

How To Use Viber Out To Make Calls

    1. Launch Viber on your iPhone or Android phone
    2. Tap the “Viber Out” tab. You will now see the list of your phone contacts
    3. Tap “Viber out” link next to the contact you want to call
    4. Tap the “Viber Out Call” button
    5. Viber will dial the number and you can start talking once the contact picks the call.

You need credit to make calls with Viber Out service.

Your call will fail if you don’t have Viber credit. If the call fails, Viber will prompt you to buy credit. You will see the Viber out rates you can choose from. You can pay for Viber out credits with your Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

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Remember, Viber to Viber calls are always FREE!

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